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Sorry for the lack of any blog for a while but I have been up to my eyes in a new project that I am working on. All will be revealed in the next month when you will be able to link straight in to the website from here.

I thought I had better let you all know that with the huge amount of rain we are getting and the mild days it is a brilliant time to add new plants to your garden or completely start again.

It is now that the nurseries are fully stocked up after having to run low over the hot summer months, (you must remember that long hot summer we had!)

There are many plants especially trees and specimen shrubs that have been rootballed offering great value for money as it is a much cheaper way to grow (in the field rather than potting them up). It is the only time of year you can get rootballed plants so if you are thinking of putting larger specimens in now till the New Year is the only time.

Have a look at a big one in the pic below

As well as this the beauty of planting now is that you dont have to worry about watering till summer and the roots get a chance to establish in the mean time so that come the spring the plant will get straight of to a cracking start and survive any dry conditions much better than if it was planted in spring.

As if this wasnt all enough Mimosa is offering a free planting service for any orders over 500 within the surrey and south/central London area. We are trying to do our bit a long with Gordon to help save you a few quid and boost the economy.

For more info please either send me an e-mail or give us a ring on 01932 589536.

Happy planting


If you have any specific questions you would like to ask me I would be more than happy to help. Send them to

Written by Paul Studholme.

Even at the tender age of 35 Paul has nearly 20 years of experience in plants, gardens and landscaping so put his knowledge to the test.