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Mimosa is proud to announce that we have officially gone international!

Over the past few months we have had the pleasure of working on one of our London based clients second homes in the South of France near Toulouse. They have a very large estate covering many hundred acres and we are concentrating most of our works on the formal garden area behind the main house.

We have designed a formal but not fussy, typical French style garden for this area, which is around one acre in size. There are a series of pathways running off of a main terrace, broken up with beds and mature Olive trees.

Unfortunately due to a very wet period in March we have had to leave the site to dry out before finishing the project, but we are booked in to fly out again late June so fingers crossed on the weather. I will post some photos on the news section once it is complete.

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Even at the tender age of 35 Paul has nearly 20 years of experience in plants, gardens and landscaping so put his knowledge to the test.