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At last after having virtually no spring to speak of, the summer is here and so far looks pretty good. In the southeast we are not getting much rain at all so it is vital that you keep the garden watered from now on. If watered properly your garden will make huge amounts of growth in this warm weather, if it is not at best it will make very little growth and the worst case is a garden full of dead plants.

This is especially important for newly planted areas. They will need to be watered 3-4 times a week. Preferably early morning or in the evening so that it is not to hot. Some plants will get scorched if watered in full sun, especially Acers and Hydrangeas.

The most effective, easy and water conscious way to keep your garden watered is with an irrigation system. If set up correctly it will give the plants just enough water to grow happily without wasting loads all over the areas of the garden that donít need it such as the patio or driveway. Irrigation systems are easily installed with little disruption to existing gardens and work off of very simple timers so that you have total control over how much water is being used. You would normally have a rain sensor working in conjunction with the system to ensure that the water does not come on if we have had recent rain showers.

Mimosa supplies and installs all types of irrigation systems so if you would like a quotation or some advise please do contact us. The most important element for plants is water!

Some Jobs to do over the summer as well as watering to keep you busy;

  • Keep cutting back your Wisteria and climbing roses, keep on top of them so that they donít go crazy by giving them regular gentle prunes to remove new long shoots.
  • Train climbers; thread new shoots into wired walls or fences to give a larger framework for next year. This can be combined with the pruning.
  • Dead head annuals, Rhodos and perennials.
  • Spray pathways and patios with weed killer, or if you prefer hand weed them with an old knife.
  • Treat or dig out weeds in the lawn. Donít cut it too short it can case damage to the roots with the hot sun.
  • Keep an eye out for greenfly and black fly on most of you plants and treat with you preferred method.
  • Come August give all your conifer and box hedges a good trim up.
  • Start harvesting your fruit and vegetables; enjoy the great taste of homegrown food. Yum, Yum!

If you have any specific questions you would like to ask me I would be more than happy to help. Send them to

Written by Paul Studholme.

Even at the tender age of 35 Paul has nearly 20 years of experience in plants, gardens and landscaping so put his knowledge to the test.