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Hi, Summer is nearly here and the weather is not quite as pleasant as we were lead to believe in the news. We have been promised a heat wave this summer but we will have to wait and see, as it wouldn't be the first time they got it wrong. It is fantastic growing weather at the moment though with the warmth and the rain and my veg plot is coming on a treat. Mimosa has been extremely busy this spring with new enquiries and we have lots on which considering the financial climate is fantastic. I would like to remind you though that it is the winter that is the best time to start looking at planning a new garden so that the whole process can be done ready for spring. It is very hard to fit everyone into 3 months of the year and we can offer better rates from November to March. So if you are looking to have a garden finished for next summer please contact us in November. We will be very pleased to pop over and discuss your requirements and will have more time to spend with you during the consultation period. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you that have made enquiries with us over the past year and especially those of you that we have undertaken work for. Take care Paul

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Written by Paul Studholme.

Even at the tender age of 35 Paul has nearly 20 years of experience in plants, gardens and landscaping so put his knowledge to the test.