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There is plenty you can do in the garden at the moment and once you get going you will be pleasantly surprised at how enjoyable it can be. A lot of the winter jobs are quite physical so you will warm up in no time, plus you are outside taking in that valuable winter sunlight which is all-good for the mind. We all know that sunlight is a premium in the winter. If you put in the effort you will feel great, just like after a workout in the gym but with a result you can see out of your window as well as feeling it inside. Go out, get your spade and a rubbish bag and work your way through this lot.

  • Cut down all the perennials and compost the waste.
  • Divide them up and re-organize the layout of them. You can also move any shrubs at this time of year so how about giving the whole garden a shift for a change next year.
  • If you don't have decent compost, build it now. You can use old pallets or any timber you have lying around. Make 2 boxes so that you can turn the compost a few times a year.
  • Clear up all the leaves and have a good weed over the beds. All this can also be composted.
  • Prune any shrubs you didn't get around to during the autumn, as long as you don't go too hard on them they should be fine despite what you read in some books.
  • Prune all your fruit tress and grape vines. If you have a chipper chip the waste and compost it. Otherwise put it in the green waste.
  • Dig over all the beds and break up any lumpy sail so that come the spring you have an easier time of it.

Basically the winter is a great catch up time for you and your garden. Get all the jobs done now and you will have a head start on next years spring making it much easier for you to keep on top of things when the weeds are growing as fast as you can pull them up!

If you have any specific questions you would like to ask me I would be more than happy to help. Send them to

Written by Paul Studholme.

Even at the tender age of 34 Paul has nearly 20 years of experience in plants, gardens and landscaping so put his knowledge to the test.