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As a rule of thumb you should consider that building a garden requires at least as much work as adding an extension to your house - we can discuss rough figures over the phone, but it's only at the initial consultation that we can really start to understand the project. If you already have a budget in mind we can discuss whether that's suitable for the work you envisage and tailor things as needed.

The fee varies with the size of the garden. At the start of the project we will provide a written fee offer to cover one or more of the stages of work. Smaller jobs may well be quoted as a lump sum whereas larger, more complex projects will be broken down with a detailed quote at each stage. There is no charge for initial consultations.

The fee excludes items such as planning fees, arboriculturalist reports, structural engineers, architects and so on. Naturally we will identify any such requirements in advance and ensure you are fully aware of the associated costs.